Comic Piracy and Me (Maybe also you)

Up until about maybe 8 months ago I pirated nearly every single issue of comics I read.

Since the beginning of the year I have been seeing a lot of people posting and talking about piracy as it relates to comics but I feel that none of the posts I read had any real bearing because they were for lack of a better term older people and hadn’t grown up in the culture ¬†of the internet and piracy, so I feel this post will act as both my personal history with comics as well as how I went from pirating nearly everything to buying what mattered to me.

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Akira: Memory Explosion

I think it is a good idea to begin writing about something that you deeply care about so here goes nothing.

Otomo’s Akira is a comic that entirely about momentum and energy. From the atom bomb that sets the story off to the motorcycles to the stage in life the characters are at, everything is always accelerating. The story itself takes on this trait too, it will cut away for scenes but it is not a series that rests for any prolonged length of time until a very specific point and that is what I want to focus on.

This wasn’t something I didn’t even notice at first because of how well the story flows, it is not even something I realized while reading the series. I was organizing my bookshelves and I glanced at the top of the spines of the volumes of Akira and noticed that the last volume had pages that were unlike anything that came before.

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My name is Rick Vance(email:, twitter: rvancetal), I enjoy all forms of entertainment and plan to use this blog to process and talk about what I consume, new/old whatever goes.

Hopefully this experiment works out.

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